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Played this @ Cows Lane near Project Arts Centre Dublin on 14th February. No of Players 12. Great fun!!! Prep takes longer than indicated for one person. --hilser (talk) 2012-02-15 16:03:24

I have a few questions concerning the rules, because the description is a bit unclear in parts (at least to me).

1) If you have an affair, how do you decide the final outcome? Ok, if both players agree, then that's easy. But what if they disagree and one wants a positve one and one wants a negative one. I guess one should go with the negative outcome then (as it more closely resembles real life).

2) I don't quite understand why people would not have as many affairs as possible. After all you can gain a heart from it and so boost your score. Or to put it in another way: Why would anybody choose a negative outcome for an affair? It also reduces your own score and so makes it harder to win in the end. And by having a positive affair you gain a heart an all other competitors. The only reason I see is by eliminating a player with only one heart from the game altogether (which in turn stops someone else from finding their true love).

3) If you have found true love, can you still seduce other players? Or is there any other way to gain more points? Otherwise, if you find your true love after one minute of playing, you have a rather limited chance of winning.

4) Who wins? I found a video online where there seem to be two winners. One True Love winner and one One NIght stand winner. The One Night Stand winner seems to be judged by the overall amount of hearts. What about the True Love winner?

Thanks for any input! --herr.wetzel (talk) 2012-07-24 11:04:34