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Hey folks, I'm running this game in Saigon, Vietnam. We've run into an issue that none of us is sure how to handle.

The finish line is in a place that can easily be surrounded by chasers, so we were wondering what way to prevent chasers from cherry picking it. All of our other checkpoints have a 50m safe zone around them, but that won't be sufficient for the finish. Even 100m might not be enough. We were thinking of cordoning off most of the street on that block to make sure we have people who finish the race.

The game is set to go off Saturday evening here, we're GMT +7, so hopefully someone will get back to me well before then. Yeah, I know I'm posting last minute.

Thanks for your help. --Loki (talk) 2012-09-20 18:15:33

Afraid I missed this thread, so sorry for not giving any feedback in time. I don't know how the original SF0 games handled their final checkpoints, but just expanding the final safe zone sounds like it should be enough, even if it ends up enclosing dozens of city blocks.

Although even though the number of chasers increases exponentially, you don't have to worry about all of them turning up at the final checkpoint - they won't have any sense of how far the other players have actually progressed, and a lot of them will quietly drop out anyway, considering having been caught to be a "loss". (And if you're ending the game in a bar or similar venue, many chasers will gladly surrender their armbands to leave the game and get a drink.)

Hope your game went well! --Kevan (talk) 2012-10-04 18:56:20

In the end we did just expand the final safe zone. The game was a huge success!!! --Loki (talk) 2012-10-04 19:03:44