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Old forum comments

(The Ludocity website previously had integrated forums, but they fell into spam-covered decline and were shut down in 2015. The comments in this section have been automatically converted from that forum.)

I played this last night and it was a great game! I have a few tentative suggestions, not all of which may be practical or desirable.

(1) The props could include a musical instrument as an option to be used in the jingle. A xylophone would be ideal but I guess a kazoo or somesuch would work too.

(2) There is currently no real incentive to move your crew. The red team (which I was on) benefited from setting up studio in one location and recording most of our clips there. Apart from the 'danger under the bridges' and the celebrity text tips, we just stayed put. Obviously there isn't time to move to too many locations, but a couple of the 'correspondent' tips perhaps need to be tied to an object or a location (e.g. 'BFI to screen youtube clips all day', or 'second-hand book market booming').

(3) The game current rewards quantity over quality. Perhaps you should award, say, 10 bonus points on a story for innovative use of props and general creativity? Or maybe you could specify that at least one prop needs to be used in every clip.

(4) It was a good idea to rotate presenters, but our team ran out of presenters when we still wanted to cover stories. It also wasn't clear whether the phone tip-offs were immune from the 'new presenter' rule.

(5) Additional vox pops were fun to do, but clarity is needed whether you get bonus points for roping public in to do this as part of your correspondent clip, or whether they have to be separate clips in themselves. I think you should get a flat 10 points for each interview with roped-in-unsuspecting-passer-by.

(6) It would be better with 15 minutes to read instructions. Perhaps those 'essentials' for what makes a 'valid clip' should be in bullet point form (jacket, jingle, 20 second minimum -- those sorts of basics are a bit tricky to pick out from the instructions at short notice).

(7) I think 30 minutes is needed for game play. Perhaps give each team a stop watch, or is it possible to see a time code (as in clock time) on the camera? If you specify a time after which footage will not be valid, you can get the teams to start and stop the camera for clips rather than continuous recording. You should still be able to screen all three films in about half an hour as only a quarter of the time, roughly, is spent presenting a proper clip. That would mean you could show the films consecutively rather than hoping no two teams were doing something meaningful at the same time at the screening.

Thanks to everyone who helped organise this! It was a memorable experience.

Giskin --giskin (talk) 2009-06-25 12:49:26