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Designer: Adam Nelson
Year: unknown
Players: 6-12
Stuff required: Flag football flags, in two colors, one for each player. Two dodgeballs, one in each color.
Crew required: None
Preparation: Five minutes.
Time required: Fifteen minutes per game.
Place required: Any open space.
Activities: Running, tagging, dodging, evading, new sport
This is a playable game - it's finished, tested and ready to play.
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History and Influences

Yoink! was developed by participants at the first Think Outside the Ball game jam in Pittsburgh, PA. It's best described as flag-dodgeball.


Two colors of flag football-style flag belts, one belt per player. Two kickballs or dodgeballs, corresponding to the colors of the flags.

Playing Space

A square field roughly 150' x 150'. In the center of the field is a base maker (a cone, pole, tree, etc). This game is probably a lot of fun in the woods, but we haven't tried it yet.

Number of Players

There are no teams and no upper limit on players. Six is probably the minimum number to play.

Gameplay and Rules

Players attempt to steal flags from other players, while protecting their own. First to collect a pre-determined number of flags is the winner.


  1. Each player starts with one flag belt, of one color.
  2. Players may collect other flags by pulling them from other players, or by hitting a player with a ball that matches the color of their flag. Players may pull as many flags at a time as they can, and may not protect their flags.
  3. Players may not use the ball that matches the color of their own belt. If a player has two different colors of flags, he may not use either ball. If a player has no flags, he may use both.
  4. Hits below the waist, or above the shoulder, do not count.
  5. When hit, a player must remove and drop the flags that match the color of the ball they were hit with. Once a player has lost any number of flags, he must run to the center of the field and touch the base before he may continue to play.
  6. When a player has stolen one or more flags, he must run outside of the field and attach the flags to himself. He may exit and re-enter the field from anywhere, but cannot remain outside of the field for more than 30 seconds.
  7. Once a player has collected the pre-determined number of flags, he yells "Yoink!" to signal the end of the game.
Flag numbers
  • 6-7 players: 4 flags
  • 8-9 players: 5 flags
  • 10-11 players: 7 flags
  • 12-13 players: 8 flags, etc.