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Designer: Julien Molteni
Year: unknown
Players: minimum 30, the more the merrier
Stuff required: As many clothespegs as there are players
Crew required: One
Preparation: 1hour
Time required: Until there are not enough clothespegs left
Place required: Party, Event
Activities: Stealing, trading
This is a playable game - it's finished, tested and ready to play.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)

When entering the game, each player receives one valuespeg, a clothespeg with a word written on it, each one describing a value or quality. The aim of the game is for any player to collect valuespegs from other participants, until they have 7 seven of them, at which point they can exchange them for a reward.

For the players: Rules

As they enter the event, each player is given one valuespeg and explained the rules as follows :

  • You just received a valuespeg.
  • You can try to steal valuespeg from other players.
  • If you get caught stealing:
    • You have to give the stolen valuespeg back
    • You have to give one of yours to the person you tried to steal from (if you still have one)
  • Wear your valuespeg proudly on your clothes, in a visible place!
  • If you manage to get 7 valuespeg, you can exchange them for a reward at this counter

For the organisers: Notes and variations

  • It is good to display the instructions in the event so that players can take a look at them if needed
  • Of course, the number of values needed to gain a reward should be adapted depending on the number of players and on what the rewards are (we played with around 120 players, the reward was a free drink, and i think 5 players had one)
  • The instructions are quite open, on purpose. People are instructed to steal and to police each other. However they can also choose to pool their values together, try to escape the penalty for getting caught, etc... It's ok! How the players interpret the rules is an essential part of this game.
  • The 200 values in the handout document are those that I used in the first installment of the game. Some can seem strange, change them.
  • Values could be themed to fit a specific event.
  • It could be interesting to try a variation with collection sets, encouraging trading. Stealing and policing should probably still happen!
  • Funny thing is that people who don't win keep their values with them in the end, and they seem to enjoy that a lot.



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One possible list of values