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Designer: Invisible Playground
Year: unknown
Players: 10-50
Stuff required: padlockes with keys, envelops, high visibility wests, walkie talkies
Crew required: 5-6
Preparation: 3 hours
Time required: 20 minutes
Place required: Grey Meatpacking District or similar area
Activities: matching, sneaking, sharing, running
This is an unfinished game. It is still in the design stage, and is not playable.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)

A game about two groups with different lifestyles in one place. They would still coexist if ammonium remains from old times wouldn't have turned them into mutants fighting each other.


This game is about unlocking as many trips which in this context is shared experiences about either a bad or good trip. The experiences are being written by players and put into envelope before the game starts. Please use Trip manufactory below.



Roll the dice two times - One for space and one for sensory perception!

1 - Forest
2 - Underwater
3 - On the moon
4 - Ancient ruins
5 - Slaughterhouse
6 - Health Clinic

Sensory Perception
1 - Smell
2 - Sounds
3 - Taste
4 - Body Consciousness (floating/ very heavy)
5 - Light/Colours
6 - Sixth sense (mindreading, perceiving ghosts/ future/ etc.)

Then you roll the dice to decide if this is a good or bad trip:
1-3 good trip --> Your personal desire
4-6 bad trip --> Your personal fear


The main prop you need xxx Dear Daniel, please insert concrete number xxx of small padlocks with different keys and different colors dot markers in order to get an overview of which keys belongs to which lock. xxxxxDear Daniel - please insert some wise words about the key system herexxxxx

All props that you need for the game

Depending on the number of players there are 2-4 non player characters in the role of the Neighborhood Watch. The Neighborhood Watch is seeking for players involved in trips. Players are vulnerable to the Neighborhood Watch from the moment when the envelop was unsealed to the moment when padlock and key was exchanged.
If a member of the Neighborhood Watch finds players in a vulnerable state:
- he/she locks the players together
- takes away the key
- walks away leaving the players locked.

After some time - half a minute or a minute - the Neighborhood Watch returns,
- sets the players free,
- takes away padlock and keys,
- draws a line around the hiding place and writes 'cafe' or 'bar' or 'restaurant' or the like.
By having marked that place, it is can not be used as a hiding corner again.

Players in the Trip Room are not vulnerable to the Neighborhood Watch

In the Trip Room players can have trips without being vulnerable to the Neighborhood Watch. One non player character is taking care of the Trip Room. The Trip Room Keeper welcomes players who want to have a trip in the Trip Room and makes sure that there is only one couple in the room.


Get your players into the fiction of the game by telling them this introduction before explaining the rules:

Kødbyen has a new start-up. Liquid minds. I’m Daniel and I’m one of the entrepreneurs behind LIQUID MINDS. We are young, open minded people. And we have started a lab around here. We are producing the hottest stuff for the market. It's better than drugs, it's better than sex. It’s not trip a around the world - it is a trip into the very mind of people, into the collective conscious. The desire for new experiences is growing. And our competitors are not standing still either. so will start a closed beta. Today!

The trips are not safe for everyone right now. That is why Liquid Minds has hired you. You are semi-professional trip sitters. Trip sitters guide people through special experiences. So you will accompany the trips that LIQUID MINDS offers. You on the other hand, are young, curious, experience seeking people looking for the ultimate thrill. But you are not the usual recreational drug user. Your mindset is that of a psychonaut. You are no astronauts, travelling to the stars, you're no aquanauts, travelling to the deep blue. You are psychonauts, travelling through the depths of our minds. You two will have come together to make a trip. Like locks and keys.

The problem is, that the trips are highly specific and don’t fit any mind. Try to find the right partner to create the right setting for your trip. Try to find a match. The trip sitter holds the key to your trip. He will open up your mind. You will watch them. And ground them in reality. You will try to keep them safe. After each trip you all have to calm down and to reset your mind. The goal for the next 15min is to make as many trips as you can.

But beware! There is the Neighborhood Watch. They are not happy about liquid minds. And especially not about the influx of new thrill seekers. They like their ‘hood the way it is. They like their expensive, little cafés, their restaurants and artsy galleries. They look for people trying to disturb their everyday life. They will punish you for having intense experiences. You better you what they tell. They might call the police, and we, liquid minds don’t want the police.


Level Design

Locked needs a playing field that has spots where players can hide in pairs for a minute or so. Also appliances are needed where players can lock each other to with a padlock (for example fence, railings etc.).

The base of the Psyonauts and the base of the Trip Sitters should be in different corners of the playing field.

The Trip Room should be in a rather remote corner of the playing field so that players bump into it either by chance or by following the signs pointing towards the direction of the Trip Room. The Trip Room also should provide something where the players can lock each other to. The outline of the Trip Room is marked on the ground with chalk and it should not be much bigger than the area that two persons need to stand on.



You are either a Psychonaut or a Trip Sitter.

The goal of the game is having as many trips as possible. A trip is when a Trip Sitter shares an experience with a Psychonaut.

At the Psychonaut base station Psychonauts get a key. At the Trip Sitter base station Trip Sitters get a padlock and envelope with a written experience. In the field Psychonauts and Trip Sitters try to find the matching key and padlock with the aim of having a trip together.

It is a match!.

How to have a trip

- the Trip Sitter locks the Psychonaut to an object in the field
- then the Trip Sitter unseals the envelope and reads the experience
- then the Trip Sitter unlocks the Psychonaut
- and then they finish the trip by exchanging key and lock.

Going back to their base station Psychonauts score a point by handing in the padlock; now they can pick up a new lock. Trip Sitters score a point at their base station by handing in their key; and they can pick up a new padlock and envelope.

During the trip - from locking the Psychonaut to an object until exchanging padlock and key - Trip Sitters and Psychonauts are vulnerable by the Neighbourghood Watch. They should try to avoid them.

rulecard front.

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Game start at 00:07min. (Game #1)

Design and Play history

The Field Office Copenhagen was created in the framework of Metropolis Festival 2013 presented by Københavns Internationale Teater. Field Office Copenhagen has received a Creation aid by the IN SITU network, in the frame of the META project. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission (DGEAC – Culture programme).

See the Tumblr for the research at: www.fieldofficecph.com/
Read about the Metropolis festival 2013 here: www.kit.dk/2013/index-ENGLISH.html

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