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We ran this game for the first time at the Barbican on March 7th at Sandpit 9. There were some differences between this published ruleset and what we did that night, namely:

There was only 1 screen with a laptop providing video input - this meant a 20 minute wait at the end of the play section to download the videos, and then a jerky, small screen viewing area for each video.

I tried to do all the scoring myself, which was crazy, I had to enlist the players to score each other which was not ideal. --Alex Fleetwood (talk) 2009-04-16 15:55:15

(cross-posted from Facebook comments) John Oates "Reckon the scoring could do with some work to make it more worthwhile to find the objects, rather than chasing each other around (although that was the most fun). " --Guest (talk) 2009-04-16 15:55:38

Random feedback and ideas without really knowing if there's anything in particular you're aiming for...

Blue player from Shrine #1 22/04/09

Intro/instructions: Very entertaining as the tabards went on and as we listened to the context. It all seemed clear at the time, but it wasn't until about 5 minutes in that we'd had enough time to read through the 2 sheets of information and get to the *actual* instructions at the end. We'd all interpreted the example on the front as something we had to actually do - skim reading whilst skipping daintily with a shrine through daffodils meant it wasn't obvious that that was only an example!

Confusion, frustration and then legging it across to the circle in the trees whilst trying to shout to the person holding the shrine that they *needed to record players from the other team*!

Part of me therefore wants to say the information on the sheets should be rearranged and adjusted to make it much clearer at a first glance what the play mechanics are and where teams have to be when, but the sadist in me wins out and instead I therefore ask for each team to be given a holy ringbinder and left to interpret the massed sacred writings contained therein...

Doings: The teams were quite big and I felt a bit redundant during the first (ahem, *practice*) and second rituals, so I decided to go and find the fourth (third) circle. This changed the feel of the game instantly: instead of hanging around on the edge of a circle waiting for the clock to reach x mins [does this still count as doing the ritual, are teams still safe during this time?] and being part of an amorphous mass, I was creeping around the trees and bushes by myself trying not to get spotted, looking at things in a new way to assess what cover they would give and being aware of how The Normal People were watching me. Much more fun!

I'm wondering if there can be changes made to the game that encourage the teams to split up like this, as well as flocking around the shrine?

Visibility and vulnerability: There was a lot of hanging around at the circles and from each ritual location you could look around and immediately see where the other teams were and were the next circle was (with the exception of the stone circle). I'd like to try it again but spread out over a much larger area so more work has to be done in locating the other teams and the circles (would be interesting over, say, the same sort of play zone type and size as Stag Hunt at H&S last year). This could also be a way to encourage missionaries to go and scout out where things are.

I'd also like to try putting a lot more emphasis on teams being rewarded for style during the rituals whilst also making them a lot more vulnerable whilst doing them. Instead of being safe in the circle, make it worth a huge amount of points for teams to record rituals in progress.

What happens if each team is instead given a temple location where they are safe from the other teams? You start the game in your temple, out of sight of the other temples and without knowing where the ritual locations are either. You're given your holy writings and have time to figure out what the first mission (the *other* type of mission!) is. Scout missionaries have to locate the locations and other members of the team have to plan how they will perform a ritual that pleases The Gods (or Alex, if The Gods are busy).

The teams then have to get their shrine to the ritual location, perform the ritual and then get shrine and team members back to their temple without being recorded (steals a part of your soul, innit).

Meanwhile other teams may have located you, taken a detour to/from their ritual and caught you on film...

Camera: It seems our camera wasn't started properly at the start of the game, and we didn't get it going until a few minutes in. It was also out of focus for most of the game.

Is it possible to get all the cameras recording and then use some sort of clapperboard type event to synchronise from? Is it possible to reset the clock at at this time so players see a synched time during play and also for playback afterwards?

[...comment too long to post in one go...] --genzaichi (talk) 2009-04-23 16:46:54

Scoring: That was a bit tricky, wasn't it?!

It would be really awesome if during the 3-screen playback the films were all synchronised. Has this happened with any of the other plays?

What if instead of video, the cameras are taking photos at intervals of something like 30s? Rituals have to become more pulling shapes/making tableaux than chanting, but it would be a lot easier to have the stills play back in a slide show and then you compile a score for each still, instead of having to worry about each second. This could also allow the game to go on for longer, without producing huge amounts of documentation.

During rituals, teams have to hold their positions for, say, 3 consecutive photos. If needed, similar durational rules could be used for scoring off of other teams.

It was good to gather everyone together at the end for the playback, but it was a bit too chaotic to say it was entertaining. I think there's a high chance that will come as the play and documentation get sorted out though.

Sorry, tediously long train journey home - lots of thinking time :) --genzaichi (talk) 2009-04-23 16:47:05