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We playtested the game during the Playpublic camp ( and ran it during the Playpublic festival (

The playtest was done with real plants but with proxies - nice little festival flags that could be glued together to simulate growth.

The initial idea, that players could switch factions anytime, was dropped during the playtests. This turned out to be one of those concepts that seem great in theory (to inject a sense of mistrust and paranoia into the game) but didn't work in practice. The drop-in style of the game makes the factions pretty loosely coupled anyway.

The current (August 2012) rules are a reflection of these playtests. The game mechanism works. A gameplay experience unfolded during the festival. Plants were planted, stolen and re-stolen. People went off with little pots, shovels and watering buckets. 60 plants were set free around the Computerspielemuseum.

Even as the game is playable with artifacts such as flags, it is recommended to play with plants to catures the spirit of the game and get discussions going - about Guerilla Gardening, the legality of planting, urban environments and such.

Happy planting. --i3games (talk) 2012-09-05 20:38:18

We played the game at Playpublik 2012 and w00t 2013. While there is a little tweaking of the the rules here and there, I got the impression that the game mechanic works quite well, especially for a game running alongside a festival where players can drop in / drop out anytime. --i3games (talk) 2013-05-27 23:18:29

The rules are updated now, reflecting the gameplay experience during w00t ( --i3games (talk) 2013-05-28 10:20:33