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Holly and I discussing possible variant to the scoring method of this game: players have QIK downloaded on to their phones, which is relaying to a screen in the home area.

OR: players are equipped with Flips, and return at the end of the game to a central point, and videos are streamed live together, scoring live.

POSSIBLE RULE VARIANT - based on using cameras - 2 teams, each with 1 camera, attached to a tripod, which is decorated with streamers, balloons, etc. Teams score for filming objects, double for filming opposing players, and score triple for filming opposing team's camera. --Alex Fleetwood (talk) 13 February 2009

We could get two of these, to try out this game at Barbican on March 7: --Alex Fleetwood (talk) 13 February 2009

The Barbican isn't known for its ease of phone use and broadband access, so mm, I think for March we'd need to score once the players/teams have returned to a scoring point. Interesting to try it with streaming at some point and see how it differs, whether watching the videos scoring is fun or not, etc. --Holly Gramazio (talk) 13 February 2009

Wouldn't video scoring mean that the scoring phase takes as long as the game did? I may be atypical, but I like to spend lots of time sprinting and not much doing accounting.

.. unless you speed up the footage, which might be interesting but would be hard to score.

If you wanted to do live streaming, broadband isn't required; my phone will stream video (kind of) over the 3G network that's available almost anywhere. I'm not sure that adds much, though. Do most phones these days do unlimited-length video recording? Specifying "if you want to play, bring something that can record video" might be enough.

Could this be rigged with "more points for 'better' photos"? Closeups, action shots, etc? It adds a subjective element but might encourage some creativity. I do like the 'no points for a picture if they also got one of you' rule, since it avoids stalemates. --Gwyn Morfey (talk) 15 February 2009

I think a slow scoring-and-playback phase can work, as it'd be fairly optional, and the game runners would be doing the hard work. If you didn't want to watch the clips being scored, you could just go to the bar and wait for them to put the call out, to find out if you won.

The photographic scavenger hunt Shoot Experience gets away with it; there's a big lull at the end of the game where they download everyone's pictures, and even more lull while the judges privately discuss and rate them. The players have to kill time during the first stage, but get to watch a projected slideshow of everyone's pictures while waiting for the results. It's a nice, social sort of comedown, after sprinting around London for five hours. --Kevan (talk) 15 February 2009

Holly says:

The Flips don't seem to have any sort of internet connection/live streaming capacity - so unless I'm missing something we would not ever be able to have live scoring. This is fine if we're running the game for 10-15 minutes, but for an hour-long game it would be a bit rubbish unless we gave people game-relevant things to do during the scoring period as well. --Alex Fleetwood (talk) 16 February 2009