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One detail I didn't see in the rules: if a player picks up a resource but doesn't make it back to a city before the round ends, where does that resource go? I'm pretty sure they don't collect it (since it specifies you have to get back to a city for that), but does it drop where they were at that point or return to the piles? --anyGould (talk) 2011-11-18 22:27:22

Hey David,

First of all, GREAT field game. We played it today with ~20 people at Obscure Games and everyone really enjoyed it. A few questions that arose during play:

How big is the entire playing field? We use a field of about 50 feet x 150 feet, which worked pretty well. Should the field size increase to accommodate additional players?

Does the first city (players starting point) have to be around the edge of the playing field?

Understanding players can collect only one resource during each round, are other actions "AND" or "OR?" Meaning, can players place a settlement AND grab a resource, or place a settlement OR grab a resource, etc?

What happens to a settlement if a Knight tags a player carrying a settlement?

When Barbarians destroy a settlement or downgrade a city, does the team that built it lose the associated VP?

What if there are no resources on the field when the Year of Plenty card is drawn?

Do resources discarded by the Robber card return to their piles on the field?

Should other teams be made aware of the VP scores before each round? We played this way and it seemed to offer opportunities for collusion against the leading team (which I think is good).

Despite these questions the game worked beautifully. Thanks again for a great game!

-Adam --a.tyler.nelson (talk) 2012-03-26 03:04:10

I am setting this game up for 4 teams of 8 people (double the number of people the game was intended for). I am going to double the number of balls and double the number of points required to build each resource. Is there anything else I should adjust for the increase in participants? --10forward (talk) 2014-07-26 17:11:15

I will also be doubling the number of knights from 2 to 4 per team. Does that make sense? --10forward (talk) 2014-07-26 17:13:35