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Holly said:

At the moment we have only CC noncommercial-attribution stuff. Is this workable? Is anyone going to fiercely want to choose a different licence? What about stuff like Cruel 2 B Kind, which is "anyone can run it" but is not actually CC licensed? Does that mean we can't include it on Ludocity - which seems kind-of absurd - and if we can include it, where do we draw the line?

Kevan said:

I've added a "public domain" option (explained here) for anyone who really wants to release a game as public domain, or wants to write up and old and definitely public game.

With not-quite-CC games, it's just up to the creator to decide whether they want to rerelease it as CC AT-NC, or as public domain. I'm not sure where we should go if a creator doesn't want to do either of those - we could still have a page describing the game and collecting photos and player reports, but I'm not sure how much we want to encourage pages that don't tell you how to play the game yourself. (Even if we did do that, it seems inevitable that someone would ask "So, what are the rules?" on the talk page, and someone else would tell them.)

What do people think?