Ninja Tag

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Ninja Tag
Designer: Tristan, Dyllon(?), and Alex
Year: unknown
Players: 2+
Stuff required: Darkness, ninja mask.
Crew required: One.
Preparation: Two minutes.
Time required: A few minutes to forty-five minutes.
Place required: A large open space with plenty of cover.
Activities: Chasing, sneaking, hiding.
This is a playable game - it's finished, tested and ready to play.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)

A game about stealth, ninjas and searching.

RnVBn Ninjas

Host Instructions

  • Split into 2 or three teams of ninjas.
    • Team colours are: Red, Blue, Green
      • The team members do not display their colours, so they can be teamkilled, or impersonate another team.
    • The players are scattered in the play area pseudo-randomly.
  • To eliminate a ninja, the player simply tags the opponent first.
    • For every teammate killed, subtract 2 points from the team total.
    • For every enemy killed, add 1 point to the team total.
      • TIP: To make this easy to do, you can make index cards that are 'ID' cards- They tell you who is who, on what team. When a player gets 'killed', they give up their card to the killer.
  • After 5/10/15 minutes, The Hunter appears.
    • The Hunter is dressed differently, and has obvious markings.(Bright jacket, coloured tape, etc.)
      • The Hunter's objective is to kill everyone. He has 10/25/45 minutes to find and tag everyone.
    • He is invincible.
  • To make the game harder to do, set a time limit.
  • Encourage players to be stealthy, and to avoid the social part of it.
  • To make the game even harder, do not let the players know which team they are on.
  • Alternatively, you can have the teams start knowing each other, and work together to eliminate the opposition before they are killed by the hunter or the other ninjas/spies.

Player Instructions

You have been hired by an unknown agency to eliminate all spies in the area. The opposition force is on a similar objective. Since you have been hired, you are unsure of your allies. All you know is that you must eliminate the OpFor, avoid any mercenaries who join the spy battle, and help your teammates.

  • Tagging a spy will kill them.
    • Killing allies has a penalty.
  • The Hunter is invulnerable, and can kill you. Avoid them at all costs.

Variants (You can ignore this, if you want)

Classical variant

The ol' original game, played in broad daylight. Best played at night.

The rules:

  • Prey are given time to hide.
  • Hunter(s) (number of hunters should be proportionate to prey+area- more prey, more area, more hunters.) Look for prey.
  • Hunters simply tag the prey to eliminate them.
  • Any prey eliminated becomes the new hunter, taking the previous one's(') place. Those eliminated in a multi-hunter game just wait until all new hunters have been made.

Other Variants

For variants, see Ninja Tag Variants.


(Hiding in Plain Sight)
Credit and Kudos to Vern Reid.
  • [1] Nerf Brand Ballistic Balls
  • [2] Dart Tag darts
  • [3]Quad-B
    • To properly modify it, cut off forward case, cut off barrel, put on 1/2in. PVC coupling, make 8in. long 1/2in PVC barrel, and works with Stock darts from Hasbro, such as tagger or sonic, not Streamline.