Mister X Sat Radio

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Mister X Sat Radio
Designer: Sebastian Leenen
Year: unknown
Players: 7-35
Stuff required: 4 GPS Devices, 4 CB/PMR Radios, see below
Crew required: only one person
Preparation: 30 minutes on Google Earth
Time required: 30 min explanation and preparation of the groups 90 min playing time
Place required: large park or small forest
Activities: seek and hide, chasing, communication, cooperation
This is a playable game - it's finished, tested and ready to play.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)

Mister X sat radio is a Game with strategic and co-operative elements. It is played in real-time and reality. The mother of this game is the German game of Scotland Yard. One Group called Mister X is being chased by 2-3 groups of detectives over the playing field. Communication is established by CB Radios; Mister X is obliged to tell their position as GPS co-ordinate every 7 minutes.

Playing field

Ideally, the game is played in a large park or a clearly bordered little forest. An area of at least 3000ft by 9000ft is recommended. The area should not be overseen too well. Ideally, you should have a mix of trees and free lawns (lets say: a city park).


Each group needs:

  • 1 CB Radio (or PMR technology, one device about 20€)
  • 1 simple GPS-Device, map not advisable (about 100€), alternatively smartphone with GPS App
  • Paper and Pen, Emergency Numbers, maybe a First Aid Kit
  • starting co-ordinate for each group


The game was tested with 7 – 25 players in 3 – 4 groups (one group is Mister X). The age of the players ranged from 13 – 50 years of age. Kids were accompanied by adults.


The Players organised in groups find their starting positions. These are written on the outside of envelopes. The distance of the groups is about 900 to 1500 feet. Mister X will be given a good chance to escape from his position. Arrived at the starting position, each group opens the envelope. Inside they find a card with their role (i.e. once Mister X, 3 times detective). After the group Mister X has reached its starting position and opened the envelope, they contact all groups and ask them to tell if they are on starting position.. Mister X now tells his starting position. After the other groups have understood the position, Mister X flees to a different place just to uncover the next co-ordinate seven minutes later.

Struggling with technical devices

The distance the PMR Radios transmit an understandable signal is at about 3600ft (although the dealer tells you more). The groups can be briefed before to work as a relay. I.E. Mister X tells group 1, group one tells group 2 tells group 4. This way larger distances are not a problem. This is a co-operative element!


These should be accomplished by the players during the game. Anyway, for younger groups you can point out these facts: Mister X will always be gone when you arrive at the last co-ordinate. Mister X will never be caught if the detectives only follow him. The detective have to become creative and dare something to be one step ahead.


One game lasts 90 minutes. Additionally you can calculate 30 minutes for briefing and taking the starting positions. After 90 minutes Mister X wins the game if he is not caught. Mister X is caught by simply tagging one of the group members.


If played in a pedagogic context, you may want to ask

  • How did you find out that you cannot catch Mister X by following him?
  • Who found out about that? Who had the Idea to use a different strategy?
  • How was the strategy taken by the group? Was is successful? How do you evaluate the strategy?
  • Transfer: Are there situations in your everyday life, where it does not make sense, to simply follow somebody? When have you ever tried something similar new?

See also

  • Scotland Yard, another pervasive game based on the same boardgame


German game description, example video and help with this game: www.erlebnisklassenfahrten.de