Missing Link

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Missing Link
Designer: Mapije de Wit
Year: unknown
Players: 16-30 (must be equal teams)
Stuff required: 6 cards, 2 mobile pole-like objects and ribbons to mark the lanterns.
Crew required: Two (for each team one)
Preparation: time for making up two equal routes and mark the objects/lanterns.
Time required: half an hour (depends on the length of the routes)
Place required: A public place with lanterns or other pole like objects.
Activities: teamwork, race, social
This is a playable game - it's finished, tested and ready to play.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)

Missing link is a race between two teams going from point A to point B by creating a human chain.


the routes:

- You need to make two equal routes for each team. In those routes you need to mark poles which can be lanterns or other pole like objects in the street.

- It's important that it's played in a public space and that there are a lot of bystanders around. (something like a shopping disctrict.)

- It would be nice if there are some points on the routes where the teams meet each other, so they get more motivation, but this is not necessary.

- How long you make the routes is up to you.

- Make a big finish point where the two teams come together, so it will be easy to see wich team has won.

the cards:

- Each team gets 3 cards wich contents an extra pole.

- If there is a place where the distance is to big or there aren't enough bypassengers, they can choose to use a card.

- This card halves the distance between the two marked poles. The crew must stand in the middle to pretend being the extra pole or use a mobile pole which you can place there.

Game Play

There are two teams of approximately 8 people each, who compete against each other to reach the finish line.

Each team gets an equal route that they have to follow. On the route there are marked 'objects' which can be lanterns or other poles. The teams have to move from one marked 'object' to the next marked 'object'. This is done by making a human chain between the objects.

One half of the team begins at the start point by holding each others hands. The other half makes a human chain, reaching for the rest of the team, from the chosen marked 'object'. So you will create a 'gap'. Here you have to try to convince bystanders to fill up the gap, to complete the full human chain.

Once the chain is completed, the team can continue making a new chain starting from the marked 'object' to the next one. This is continued until the team reaches the finish line.

Each team is also given a couple of cards. The cards can be traded for an extra marked 'object' with their chosen location. For example, a card might be used if some distances are too long to create a human chain. But do remember that each team only gets a few cards, use them wisely!

The first team to reach the finish line wins.

Missing Link

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The card for extra pole. (print x 6)