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Iglab octopus.png
Event type: Playtest
Location: Bristol
Frequency: Monthly
Run by: Simon Johnson
Website: Iglab

Iglab, the Interesting Games Lab, is a monthly playtesting meeting in the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol.

What Iglab does

To quote from their website:-

iglab is interested in new games and old games, big games and small games, high tech games and no tech games, urban games and console games, childhood games and grown up games.
The lab runs as series of projects alongside games play and testing of new rule sets.
If you have a game your developing iglab offers playtesting
If you’d like to know more about contemporary games iglab is the place to find out.
If you’d like to play some street games, pervasive games or get involved with experimental theatre or live art come and play at iglab.