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Designer: Adam Nelson, Emily Swora.
Year: unknown
Players: Unlimited
Stuff required: "Scrabble" letter tiles, either actual wood or printed on paper (see the Handouts section). A sheet of butcher paper or a large whiteboard for posting words, names, and scores.
Crew required: One.
Preparation: One hour.
Time required: Five minutes to five hours.
Place required: Any shared space where players can move freely
Activities: trading, wordplay, spelling, ambient.
This is a playable game - it's finished, tested and ready to play.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)

Humanagrams is where Wall Street meets wordplay. Pick seven letters at random and trade with other players to get the ones you want. There are no restrictions on trading - you can trade any letter for an other, or one letter for two, two for five, whatever. You can give your letters away, or, if you're really devious, steal letters from other players. Post completed words to the board, mark your scores, and challenge words you think are bogus. Highest score wins. Best/longest words get style points.


1. Pick 7 letters at random from the pile.

2. Trade with other players to get new letters. There are no restrictions on trading. You can trade any letters you want, and any number of letters for any other number, but you can’t get new letters from the pile until you’re posted or traded away all of your letters.

3. Use letters to make one or more words of any length.

4. Post completed words to the board and sign your name and point value underneath.

5. Challenge words you think are bogus. If you’re right, your score increases by the value of the challenged word. If you’re wrong, your score decreases by the same amount.

6. Get a new set of 7 letters after you’ve posted your words. High score wins.

Alternate Versions

One alternate version is to have each player pick letters and draw a card with a word written on it. Players must make form the word on their card to score points, or otherwise form another word and forfit their points in order to draw new letters. The words can be of any length, but a roughly-even mix of words greater than seven letters and less than seven letters will help facilitate game play.



Image:Folder.png|50px|Handout thumbnail for Humanagrams_poster.pdf. desc none

default Media:Humanagrams_poster.pdf</imagemap>
Download Humanagrams_poster.pdf
A 17x11 rule poster.

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default Media:Humanagrams_Letters.pdf</imagemap>
Download Humanagrams_Letters.pdf
100 letters. Print one sheet for every 14.285 players (give or take).


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