Hula Hoop Hoopla

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Hula Hoop Hoopla
Designer: Tom Preston
Year: unknown
Players: Unlimited
Stuff required: A Hula Hoop (or as many as you like), some Hoopla hoops (or any frisbee-sized rings), blocks of wood/tins etc to put the prizes on, packets of Hula Hoops crisps for the prizes
Crew required: One
Preparation: Ten minutes
Time required: As long as you like
Place required: Anywhere with enough space to play
Activities: Hoopla, Hula Hooping
This is a playable game - it's finished, tested and ready to play.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)

Hula Hoop Hoopla (or Hula Hooping Hula Hoop Hoopla) is a fun variation on the classic fairground game of Hoopla.

While players attempt to throw their rings over blocks/tins/bricks/whatever you have to hand and win the prizes sitting on top (some delicious Hula Hoops crisps), they must be Hula Hooping at the same time.

Setting up

Lay out your seal/area with various blocks of different sizes and heights and distances from the play line.

Mark where the players should throw from, and provide three rings and one Hula per player (or as many rings ads you want to give them really. You probably will only want one player at a time but this is entirely up to you. You may also want to increase the challenge by providing multiple Hulas).


Players start doing the Hula, then throw their rings and try to get one over a prize. They must be doing the Hula when they throw - no cheating!


You can after a whole packet of Hula Hoops as prizes or mix them up with easier blocks having individual crisps and harder ones whole packets.