Engineering Corps

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Engineering Corps
Designer: The Haberdashery Collective
Year: unknown
Players: 6-30
Stuff required: Stacking blocks, nerf weapons, goggles
Crew required: One
Preparation: Five minutes.
Time required: 2-5 minutes
Place required: Somewhere with a flat enough surface to stack blocks on, and room for 3m separation between each team
Activities: building, aiming
This is a playable game - it's finished, tested and ready to play.
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Players must compete to be the first to build a tower of a required height, all the while under fire from the enemy.



Divide players into some number of teams, 2-4. Give each team an equal number of blocks, and an equal number of guns and projectiles. Also a pair of safety goggles each. Decide on a target tower height, 12 to 20 is recommended. A mark should be made for each team, around 2m from neighbouring teams, though vary this depending on skill level.


One member of each team is nominated as the builder. They are given the goggles and the blocks. Their task is to build a tower of the required height before any other builder. They will be under fire for much of this time.


Builders are not allowed to get their body between other teams and their tower. If they shield the tower with their body, including hands, they can be penalised. They can be penalised just for reaching in front of the tower, in particular if a projectile strikes their arm or hand at that point. Penalties involve a time penalty, during which the builder must remain with their hands together in front of them, for blocks of five seconds. Referees will typically only award five second penalties, but may award multiples for repeat / serious offenders.


Builders may pick up ammunition from the floor around them, and pass it back to their artillery section.


The rest of the team is the artillery unit. They can fire their guns at any team’s tower. They must remain behind their builder at all times, and will therefore largely rely on their builder to pass them ammunition, although anything that overshoots is fair game.


If a builder reaches the required height, they should call out ‘complete’, or something similar. The referees should stop the game, and verify their claim. If they are correct, and the tower remains upright for at least five seconds, they win. If they are not, the game will resume, but the builder must wait five seconds before they are allowed to continue building.


  • 50 building blocks per team - the blocks need to be light enough to be knocked over by the projectiles
  • A gun for all but one member of each team, and at least 5 projectiles per gun


One explainer / adjudicator.