Blind Duelling

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Blind Duelling
Designer: The Haberdashery Collective
Year: unknown
Players: 2-4
Stuff required: One nerf weapon per player, 6 projectiles per player, blindfold for each player
Crew required: One
Preparation: Two minutes
Time required: 1-5 minutes per round
Place required: A quiet space with no dangerous obstacles, at least 3m x 3m
Activities: listening, aiming
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Depending on the players, either a game of chaos and ridiculousness, or one of stealth and stalking. Two players are given toy guns and a few rounds of ammo, then blindfolded. They are placed back to back in a play space with other players around them, take several paces away from each other, then may turn and engage. Players are free to move and fire whenever they want after this point, so may attempt ranged kills, or try to move in closer stealthily. Or just make their opponent use up all their ammo...

Rules summary

  • Two players are given a weapon and a fixed amount of ammo (e.g. 6 each).
  • They are then blindfolded, and placed back to back.
  • They pace off at least four steps from each other before they are allowed to fire the first shot.
  • Once the fight is joined, players may move and fire whenever they wish.
  • When a player is hit, they are out, and their opponent wins.
  • Spectating players prevent the blindfolded duellers from injuring themselves, and warn them when they’re approaching the edges of the playing area.


Pick two of the players, and give them the weapons and ammo. Let them familiarise themselves with the weapons, then blindfold them. Place them back to back in the centre of the playing area, with all spectating players at the edges of the area, in particular near any hazards. Get the duellists to count off paces together, then turn and engage at the same time. They are allowed to move, reload and fire any time they want after the engagement begins. They may not re-use ammo. Any player who is hit with a fired shot is out, and any remaining player is the victor. If both players run out of ammo, it’s a draw.

Once one pair has completed their turn, the next players get a chance to try their skill.


Find a playing space with clear floor, nothing to trip over or down, and denote clear edges.