Beat the Heat

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Beat the Heat
Designer: Adam Nelson
Year: 2010
Players: 8-20+
Stuff required: Many, many water balloons, or a 6-8 sponge ball soaked in water, colored pinnies, headbands, or or shirts for players (ideally, with targets painted on the back). Cones or marking paint to mark the boundaries of the circle.
Crew required: None
Preparation: half an hour to fill balloons, if necessary
Time required: 15 minutes.
Place required: An outdoor space approximately 30’x30’
Activities: Throwing, dodging, bluffing
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Toss sponge balls among your teammates to hit opposing players in the back.

History and Influences

Beat the Heat was created by Adam Nelson and Obscure Games in 2010, and debuted at Come Out and Play 2011.

Playing Space

An outdoor space approximately 30’x30’.

Number of Players

At least 2 teams of 4-10 players each.

Gameplay and Rules

Players toss water soaked sponge balls among teammates in an attempt to hit opposing players in the back. No running with the ball until you’re out of the circle.


1. Both teams start spread out throughout the playing field. One member of each team starts by the bucket in the middle of the field. When play starts, the middle players grab and toss as many sponge balls as they want to other team members.

2. Players within the circle may not move when holding the ball.

3. When a player is hit in the back only, that player must exit the circle at the closest point. The player outside the circle may still play, but may not re-enter the circle or move without holding a ball.

3a. A player who moves illegally must place two hands on their head and be thrown two balls before being able to move again.

4. The first team to be completely expelled from the circle loses.

Notes for Organizers

When playing with water balloons, it is helpful to have a large bucket of balloons for the game, otherwise the game ends quickly. Using car sponges cut into squares works excellently.


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