From Ludocity
Designer: The Haberdashery Collective
Year: unknown
Players: 15-25
Stuff required:
Crew required: Two
Preparation: Five minutes
Time required: Twenty minutes per round
Place required: A space for all the players to easily move around past each other
Activities: spelling
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Fight for letters and make words in a series of rounds. Score for the length of the word, doubled if it matches up with the theme of the round. Game works well for 20 players, with rounds of 5-10 minutes. May scale up more.

Rules summary

  • Players take 7 letters and attach them to their body.
  • Players are given a theme for the round, which will double their score.
  • They can submit a word to the scorer at any point during the round.
  • Words score a point per letter.
  • One word per round.
  • Letters used in the submitted word are handed in.
  • New letters are drawn at the beginning of the a round


Players begin by fixing a loop of sticky tape to themselves, sufficient to fit seven letters on. Several rounds of play will follow, each will follow the same format. The winning player is the one with the highest score at the end of all the rounds.

Round structure

Players all draw letters from the bag until they have seven, and stick them on the tape, such that the letters are visible. The goal of the round is to form a word and submit it to the scorer. Only one word can be scored per round, and the score is for the length of the word. Each round will have a theme, and if the word is related to that theme, the score is doubled.

Exchanging letters

Players may exchange letters through combat, done with rock, paper, scissors. Any active player may challenge another active player for a letter, and give them any one of their letters in exchange if they win. If they lose, the challenged player chooses the letters to exchange, and may choose not to exchange any letters. Only one letter may be exchanged, and players may not challenge someone they have just been in combat with.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Usual resolution rules apply, and choices are revealed on 3, not after. So it’s, not


Players may report to the scorer at any point during the round, and their word will be recorded and scored. They must surrender all the letters used in the word, and more will be drawn at the beginning of the next round. Players may not be challenged while waiting to be seen by the scorer.


Players need to be in an area they can mill around. The scorer should be off to one side, and ideally have a large sheet of paper on the wall, visible to all. The name, word and score of each player should be recorded on the score sheet.


  • Letter cards (minimum of 7 * number of players)
  • Score sheet (wall mount ideally)
  • Tape to stick letters to players


1 person to start rounds and give themes 1 scorer


We use the Scrabble letter distribution, repeated twice.

Letter Count
A 9
B 2
C 2
D 4
E 12
F 2
G 3
H 2
I 9
J 1
K 1
L 4
M 2
N 6
O 8
P 2
Q 1
R 6
S 4
T 6
U 4
V 2
W 2
X 1
Y 2
Z 1

Theme ideas

  • Things you find in the sea
  • Something expensive
  • Something yellow
  • Something hot
  • Something you find in a bookshop
  • Something you do at work
  • Something you eat
  • Something you can’t touch
  • Something heavy