From Ludocity
Designer: Alex Fleetwood & Holly Gramazio
Year: unknown
Players: 30 - 45 (3 teams of 10 - 15 people)
Stuff required: 3 humongous filming devices, six basic Flip-type camcorders, 3 screens + linking cables, 3 flipcharts, marker pens
Crew required: Four. One game leader and three scorers
Preparation: A couple of hours
Time required: 45 minutes
Place required: Any public space. A space with multiple levels & pedestrian access is ideal, eg Barbican, South Bank
Activities: Sneaking, filming, talking, teamwork, bluffing.
This is an untested game. Its rules are written, but it hasn't been tested out yet.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)

This game is part of the Playmakers project, and is a variant of Test Case (Playmakers 01) with added treachery. It takes place in 1984 - but which 1984, the book version, the historical version, or the one we're living in now, the game isn't quite sure......

Instructions for Players

You are part of a Ministry. Either Truth, Peace or Love. Members of the Ministry of Truth wear the scales of justice. Members of the Ministry of Peace wear the dove. Members of the Ministry of Love wear the heart. Accessorise Your Shoulder Pads and assember around your Ministerial Information Gatherer (or MIG).

The Ministerial information Gatherer takes the following form. A metal trolley armed with the highest - tech mobile technology from 1984... A JVC VHS Camcorder, a dot matrix printer, a state of the art mobile phone (only 4.5kg!) and a box of essentials. Example MIG.jpg

Your team will be given a handout with a map of the surrounding area. Your task is to find suitable materials for a new Informational Film for your Ministry. Indications of a selection of targets are listed in the documentation supplied with your MIG. They will include: posters expressing support for the Ministry's aims; key activities performed by members of the public in favour of the Ministry's aims (including waving, smilling, cheering); Ministerial speeches to be recorded by the team on camera in suitably inspiring locations.

Each MIG comes supplied with a range of lighting, special effects, makeup and costume to make your Informational Video. The Ministries Like Yuppies. They dislike Miners. Choose your outfits well.

The Ministries reward Vigilance. Visual records of other Ministries loitering, chit-chatting or behaving in an UnMinisterial Manner will be rewarded accordingly.

Carefully co-ordinated aides will ensure all the Ministries start recording simultaneously. You will record continuously throughout the mission.

Complete as many of your Ministerial Tasks as possible in the time. And then return to the Governmental Complex for scoring and the election.


  • 10 points for filming each of the Ministerial objects (you must film each object for at least three seconds)
  • 5 points per second that you film members of opposing teams

(These points are not cumulative - you don’t get extra points for having three film members on screen, or a film member and the tripod/camera)

  • Up to 100 bonus points awarded by your Minister for political merit

Play history

This game ran as Test Case at Sandpit #9 in the Barbican, and as Shrine at Sandpit #10 outside the ICA. This is a proposed version for the Sandpit #13 at the Southbank Centre.