100m Dash Chess

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100m Dash Chess
Designer: LSK
Year: unknown
Players: 2
Stuff required: Life-size chess pieces and a chess timer
Crew required: Optional referee
Preparation: 5-10 minutes
Time required: Thirty minutes
Place required: Any area with 100m of flat space
Activities: Running, strategy.
This is a tested game. It's been tested in real life, but needs a bit more polishing before it's fully playable.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)

Play chess with a timer 100m away.


First, obtain a life-size chess set. This is actually optional - a regular-size or even a pocket-size magnetic set will do just as well, but a life-size set is more fun and makes this more of a spectator activity.

Set up the timer at one extreme of the area with 15 minutes per player, on a table, with the referee sitting at the table.

From there, measure 100m.

Set up the chess set at this point. The center vertex should be over the 100m mark, and the players should be equidistant from the timer, as opposed to one player being closer by the size of the board.


The game plays like standard speed chess, with some slight amendments to accommodate the 100m format:

  • The player playing black starts at the timer, hits it, and runs to the board as white moves.
  • Players may not move their piece until their opponent has hit the timer.
  • If a player hits the timer after making an illegal move, the player must then run back to the timer, hit it such that his time is depleting, and then return, make his move, and hit the timer again.