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Designer: Invisible Playground
Year: unknown
Players: 10-50
Stuff required: blond wigs, sunglasses, headphones, buttons, flags
Crew required: 2
Preparation: 20 minutes
Time required: 8 minutes
Place required: Dybbølsbro or similar bridge
Activities: following pedestrians, matching, turning around, racing, hacking competitors actions
This is an unfinished game. It is still in the design stage, and is not playable.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)

A game about immersing in the flow of people crossing a bridge and reacting on peoples features like a an impulse is reacting on other impulses in the flow of thoughts.


Get buttons to identify the teams. Every team has an own motive and every team member will wear the button of his/her team.

The game works with 5 person teams. There should be two blond wigs, two headphones and two sunglasses for every team - one for an impulse and one for the focus who gets one of each item.

The game master hands out the props at the beginning end of the bridge and explain the rules of the game. Before the game starts, the Impulses put on their prop (wig, sunglass or earphone) and their team identifying button.

To start the game the game master lines up the teams so that all the Impulses in one team make line, ready to enter the bridge one by one. The game master will send in the Impulses {how? time intervall}. The Focus is the first to enter the bridge.

The game can start when the rules are introduced by the game master and every player is wearing the props. The game ends when every player made it to the other side of the bridge. The team that first gets all it's impulses on the other side of the bridge, wins.

All props that you need for the game.

Level Design

Use an bridge with lots of pedestrians and narrow sidewalk. Ca. 200 meters is a good length. To prepare the bridge, mark five turning points on the bridge by attaching flags on the railing. The five turning points should be distributed on the bridge evenly. Mark the ending of the playing field at the end of the bridge by drawing a line and writing "Now it's clear".

Mark the end of the playing field with chalk.


Build teams of five players. Four players will be Impulses, one player will be the Focus.

The goal of your team is to be the first to get all players across the bridge.

Each Impulse is distracted by a unique characteristic or feature displayed by pedestrians on the bridge.
- one impulse is distracted by pedestrians wearing glasses (also sunglasses)
- one impulse is distracted by pedestrians with blond hair
- one impulse is distracted by pedestrians who are smiling
- one impulse is distracted by pedestrians with earphones.
Being distracted means that if a pedestrian with the feature that distracts the Impulse approaches the Impulse, the Impulse turns around and follow that pedestrian in the new direction.

The Focus also may distract Impulses {only of the own team?} by displaying the distracting feature (wearing glasses, wearing a wig, smiling or wearing earphones).

The Focus has to walk straight on the bridge and can only turn at the points marked with the flags.

rulecard front.

Photos and Videos


Game start at 01:51min. (Game #3)


Design and Play history

Connecting two worlds the bridge over the railwaytracks between meat packaging district and Fisketorvet's shopping center is crowded by pedestrian and bikers. Especially in the rush hour, loads of people cross the bridge juts like impulse, fired off, precisely adjust. Non-undirectional movements are not intended. Usually.

But no one is immune against distractions. The stream of consciousness provides a lot of them: Moments of happiness, acoustic stimulation, distorted vision, blondes. How not to completely lost direction? If you are lucky, you find a focus thats helps you back on track. And how do the distractions react when you suddenly follow them?

What could be reasons for changing directions? WALKING A CROSS A BRIDGE TRYING TO FORMULATE ONE CLEAR THOUGHT breaks down the spatial metaphor.

And sometimes i turns out that the journey really is the destination.

The Field Office Copenhagen was created in the framework of Metropolis Festival 2013 presented by Københavns Internationale Teater. Field Office Copenhagen has received a Creation aid by the IN SITU network, in the frame of the META project. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission (DGEAC – Culture programme).

See the Tumblr for the research at: www.fieldofficecph.com/
Read about the Metropolis festival 2013 here: www.kit.dk/2013/index-ENGLISH.html

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