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Gervase Markham said:

A confused reading of the page led me to think of this amusing variation:

One team is the Red-and-White team (that is, it is both Red and White, with Red being primary), and it is trying to vanquish the dastardly White-and-Red (that is, both Red and White, with White being primary) team. Both teams have access to both colours of balloon. The stag will only stop when presented with three balloons, one of which is one colour and the other two of which are the other colour.

So if you are on the Red-and-White team, your team of three needs to take two red balloons and one white one, and so on.

Of course, the scoring upshot of all this is that you get a net gain of one balloon for your team when you tie on three, so the scoring works out fine. But it's just amusing a) to have two teams very similar but different (the "Judean People's Front" effect) and b) to have to tie on the opposition colours.