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Kevan said:

This game ran at the Sandpit at the ICA, this week, being played along half of the Mall, and taking in Pall Mall and Trafalgar Square (you can see the exact area on the map handout). It was dark by the start of the game, but the area was fairly well lit, and any disadvantage of the darkness was countered by the streets being fairly quiet.

I went with variable amounts of cash per celebrity, to give the players some interesting decisions; in practice this wasn't actually very interesting, as they could only really encounter celebrities at random, and it was usually worth sticking around for their dark secret. When I run this again, I think I'll cut the rewards down to 1000/1000/3000 across the board, for ease of scoring.

The players did surprisingly well, working only from mugshots of the celebrities they were looking for - halfway through the game I was thinking I should have given descriptions of what the actors had worn on the night, but it looked like most teams did fine without that.

I hovered around the starting point for most of the game, and offered clues to any players who asked for them - this would probably be worth formalising, either by giving out clues to anyone who returns to base after the first ten minutes, or by giving players a phone number they can call for the latest tipoffs.

The celebrity actors had some interesting feedback, a lot of it being how scary the experience was, when they were being hounded by four or five unstoppable paparazzi. Running it again, I'd make it clearer to the actors that they'd be free to quit the game if they became uncomfortable, simply by leaving the playing area, or hailing a taxi for a few blocks, until the game was over.