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Asher Stuhlman said:

I worry that the Things can become too powerful. If a Thing knows where the equipment is kept (which might happen if a scientist becomes a Thing), they can just tear up every Radio part.

Robert Yang said:

I agree. Seems like the "exponential" growth of the Things will make things too easy for them.

Also, an idea for a final phase of the game: once the radio is built, only 4 scientists can fit in the rescue helicopter. Scientists have to decide who gets to go in the copter to warn civilization. If 2 or more scientists are actually the Thing, then the Scientists still lose. (To give more incentive for Things to be sneaky in late game.)

Kevan said:

Ah, although this got lost slightly in the writeup, I was imagining that "the laboratory" would be a single room known to all the players. So everyone would know where the radio was being built.

Perhaps it just needs a rule making machinery cards indestructable - a Thing would have to grab the cards and run, rather than tearing them up, which would give away their identity, and let the scientists give chase.

A helicopter endgame might be good - I was originally going to reuse an endgame mechanic from another Thing game I made (the scientists only win if they can identify all the Things), but felt that actually building the radio was probably difficult enough. Picking four seems like a good compromise - I'll certainly keep it in-hand for playtesting, if it turns out that the radio is really easy to build. It might make for a good "major victory / minor victory" ending.

Alex Fleetwood said:

This game looks great - can't wait to play it!