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  • * Thieves ambush Emperors and Bakers by touching them and steal their item. The victim is wounded and goes to the doctor. ...allow you to touch him and you can ask him to help you. As long as you are touching the Golem nobody can hurt you. Naturally the Golem is very strong and can c
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  • Players take turns bouncing the medicine ball off of the trampoline, touching the medicine ball with only one hand at a time. Points are scored when one' the other player cannot anticipate where it will go. Unlike other ball games, however, the inertia of a medicine ball means that instead of moving the b
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  • |designer=Obscure Games ...fall of 2009. It has been updated and improved by other members of Obscure Games since then, most recently, in June 2011. The game draws inspiration from ba
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  • * Shoot yourself – point your imaginary gun at yourself, touching your temple As with most folk games, performative embellishments are encouraged for maximum fun. For example, m
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