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  • ==Games== The games developed and tested so far have been a progression of the basic idea of th
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  • ...k) is now Under Surveillance. If you are in an Area which has fallen Under Surveillance and spot a ''second'' Agent inside it, then the enemy has pinpointed your p ...eilled Area. You can't pick up or drop off Intel in an Area which is Under Surveillance.
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  • to meet. Participants are encouraged to develop their own ideas for new games, and to run them at subsequent Sandpits in consultation with the Sandpit cr ...laytest, and run with adjusted rules at subsequent Sandpits. Some of these games are then run at [[Hide and Seek]] itself.
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  • 2013. It also appeared in H&S's [ Tiny Games app] that year. * [[Counter-Surveillance Drill]], another solo street game in the series
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  • * Establish rigorous surveillance. Solid Interfaces and Urban Games: Digital Games in the Public Spaces, Madrid 2013] (prototyping a mixed-reality version of
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  • * [[Sandpit|'''Sandpit games at Duty Free''']] at Stoke Newington International Airport (note: not actua ...juggling from the Airport crowd, with an assortment of mostly-new Sandpit games running on-and-off between 4 and 8pm.
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