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  • ...een 25 and 150 people who don't all know each other can turn up, play some games, do some other things, and have fun. If you're running a smaller event, per * A separate room that scheduled games that need their own space can be run in
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  • Benches and chairs with a single person sitting at them, and which have space for you to join them, are pick-up points. So In a group, either play competitive solo games, or team up. When teaming up, decide who takes each piece of Intel - other
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  • |activities=Hiding, running, lurking, sneaking, flirting, sitting, holding hands. ...e an affair, convince another player to sit down on a bench with you. Once sitting, both of you may cover your number with your hand. You now have to show eac
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  • (For example; previous games have run between separate rooms of a large, dark nightclub, up and down the ...uards confiscated more than a third of it, or because a lot of it is still sitting back in the start zone), the Border Guards win.
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