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  • ...ves. In that case, your attacking shot is reflected and you die. Note that shooting yourself reflects all bullets fired at you, so you could potentially kill a If you shoot yourself but nobody aims at you, you actually end up shooting yourself and you die. Note that you do survive if you reflected any attacke
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  • Silverball was invented by Adam Nelson and members of Obscure Games Pittsburgh. It was first played in Mellon Park, Pittsburgh, on May 6, 2010. *''A knocker enters the Orbit while shooting at the Drain.''
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  •|Chesterton-branded Sandpit money]] we use at the Sandpit (primarily for games of [[Standoff]]). ...hallenger/index.html helicopters] and [ t
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  • * [[Sandpit|'''Sandpit games at Duty Free''']] at Stoke Newington International Airport (note: not actua ...juggling from the Airport crowd, with an assortment of mostly-new Sandpit games running on-and-off between 4 and 8pm.
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