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  • |activities=Running, throwing, catching, new sport. Bank was first played on May 16, 2010, by members of Obscure Games Pittsburgh. It is influenced, oddly enough, by Roller Derby.
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  • Looks good, anyway, I look forward to catching this from the background tomorrow. --[[User:Kevan|Kevan]] ([[User talk:Keva Wow, that was fast! I realised it was in unfinished games and edited my post accordingly. --[[User:Peads|Peads]] ([[User talk:Peads|t
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  • |designer=Obscure Games |activities=Running, chasing, throwing, catching, new sport.
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  • Silverball was invented by Adam Nelson and members of Obscure Games Pittsburgh. It was first played in Mellon Park, Pittsburgh, on May 6, 2010. their feet to kick the ball, and hands to slap or dribble. Throwing and catching is not allowed.
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  •, as each group of hiders would only need to make one call each, and the games master need only contact the seekers who were within range. (You could even ...ies, so you could have them attached to and external battery pack for long games.
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