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Designer: Kevan Davis; initially developed with Minkette, Tassos Stevens, Holly Gramazio and Crabapple at a Coney Playday.
Year: unknown
Players: 6-20.
Stuff required: Printed cards; printed sheets; envelopes; ribbons.
Crew required: One.
Preparation: Envelope-stuffing.
Time required: Half an hour to an hour.
Place required: A large outdoor area, with places to hide small things.
Activities: Finding, trading.
This is an unfinished game. It is still in the design stage, and is not playable.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)

A game of post-apocalyptic scavenging and bartering.

This game is being designed for Sandpit #10, to be run at the ICA later this month, and is still under construction.

Setting up

Prepare a deck of 60 cards to represent the junk and treasure that the players are bartering. (These will be given in an appendix after the game has been fully designed.)

Prepare 20 handouts, which define the characters identities and the objects they're trying to collect, summarise the rules, and have a map of the playing area. (If you're feeling dramatic, mark some apocalyptic hazards to explain the boundaries, or to give hints as to where items might be found.)

Fill 20 envelopes with 1 handout and 2 cards each (which, if you've got time to sort them, should be cards which don't appear on that handout's list), and a ribbon for each player to wear around their arm.

Hide the 20 remaining cards around the playing area before the game starts.

Player instructions

As a survivor in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of central London, you need to scavenge and specialise to survive. In your envelopes are your identity, a map of the area, and a couple of things you've managed to scavenge already.

To survive in this harsh environment, and to make your mark on this collapsing society, you need to find the tool and item cards listed on your sheet. Each card is worth up to five points; the higher the score, the better it will help you to survive. Some of the objects you need can be found lying around on the deserted streets outside the ICA, while others are already being carried by your fellow survivors. If you meet other survivors out there, maybe you can trade with them.

In half an hour's time, night falls. Anyone whose objects give them five or fewer points isn't going to make it. Of those that survive, the player with the highest total score will be in the strongest position to make a bid for power in post-apocalyptic London, and will win the game.

Example character sheet

You are the MECHANIC. You are trying to repair one of the many ruined pre-apocalyptic vehicles in the city, and only need a few more tools and parts to get it running again.

  • Screwdriver: 5 points
  • Hammer: 4 points
  • Scrap Metal: 3 points
  • Saw: 2 points
  • Goggles: 1 point