Kill Your Own Grandfather

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Kill Your Own Grandfather
Designer: Mink ette, Laura E Hall, Nishat Ahktar, Becca Wadlinger, Brooke Barker, Evan Cordes, David Aldhouse, Zhao He, Shaine Edwards
Year: unknown
Players: 8-20 enough to form 2 teams of 4 players minimum on each.
Stuff required: • 7 hula hoops to make the zones.

• Whistle for the refs (optional).
• a way of labeling the time zones, a piece of paper with the era written on it in each zone will do.
• Each team will need 4-10 balls of their team colour.
• 4-10 large sticker labels or vests of their team colour marked with numbers.

Crew required: Two refs.
Preparation: set up: 2 mins, rules; 10 minutes.
Time required: 5-10 mins per round. Approx. 30 minutes total.
Place required: An open space such as a field or a gym.
Activities: Activities running, stealing, tagging, sabotage, teamwork.
This is a tested game. It's been tested in real life, but needs a bit more polishing before it's fully playable.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)

Aim of the game

Be the team to control the most time zones when the game ends. Try not to get assassinated by anyone.

Set up

The play space Imagine your playing space divided up into a 2 by 3 grid of 6 zones. Place the one of the hula hoops on the ground in each zone so that they are a fair distance apart about 10 paces apart. Mark each zone as a different era 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s.

To end of the grid have an ‘out’ zone with a hula hoop in it as well. This is where all the balls start out. The out zone is where assassinated players stand.

The teams

Mark each team’s vests and coloured balls with numbers 1 through 10. The numbers have to be very big and easy to read. (write the word SIX on the ball so it is clear that it is not an upside down 9).

Split your players into two teams and give each team player a vest and a ball. Each player now has a number, the player on each team with the highest number is the Grandfather/mother.

To start the game, put all the numbered balls in the hula hoop in the ‘out’ zone. All the players start at the opposite end of the play space.


You can pick up and move any ball except the ball with your own colour and number on it. This ball is your kryptonite, carrying it anywhere will automatically kill you.

When there are only two players left on a team they can end the game by the youngest (lowest number of the two) assassinating the Grandfather (highest number of the two). This causes a paradox that tears a whole in space and time and ends the game immediately.


If a player is touched with the ball with the same number and colour as them, then they are out. Once you are out, you are out for the whole game. Go to the ‘out’ zone and drop any balls you were carrying into the hoop there for other people to pick up. (note: the ball with your number but the enemy colour, does not kill you)

• No throwing balls to assassinate people, you must be touching the ball for it to count.

Taking territory

A team takes the territory by putting balls into the hula hoop in that time zone. Whichever team has the most balls in the hoop has control of that zone.

Once a player picks up a ball, they can only put it down again in a hoop. Throwing it is not allowed. You may defend a hoop by blocking an opponent’s path as long as it is a non-contact block like in basket ball.

End game

When the first team is down to only two remaining players, the ref should shout out “Beware of the paradox!” to remind the players that killing their own grandfather is an option.


Whichever team has control of the most zones at the end of the game is the winning team. Look around the play space and count how many hoops are predominantly colour A and how many are colour B. In event of a draw, whichever team ended the game wins.