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|place=A built-up city.
|place=A built-up city.

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Kaiju Invasion Drill
Defeated Shard.jpeg
Designer: Kevan Davis
Year: unknown
Players: 1+
Stuff required: None
Crew required: None
Preparation: None
Time required: Any
Place required: A built-up city.
Activities: Observation.
This is a playable game - it's finished, tested and ready to play.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)

A fourth game in the Drill series, with giant monsters roaming the city skyline.


Any tall building which dominates the skyline in the way that a giant lizard or robot might - you'll know one when you see it - is a Kaiju.

The first time you notice a particular Kaiju, you must immediately decide whether it's aggressive or benign. Aggressive Kaiju can score or lose you points, benign ones have no effect on the game.

There are two ways to drive away a Kaiju:-

  • Weak points. If you can line things up so that a sign with a "stop" symbol (or any close variation on that, such as a "no smoking" sign on a window, an Extinction Rebellion sticker on a phonebox) is superimposed over a part of the Kaiju, you have found a weak point which you can exploit from where you stand, and are able to drive the creature away. This scores +1 point. The lining up should be such that if the rest of the sign were invisible, the floating symbol itself would superimpose the Kaiju building. If the sign is only single-sided, it only works from the side that has the symbol. The sign should also be within arm's reach of where you stand.
  • Versus. If you can line up two aggressive Kaiju so that one is overlapping the other, the shortest Kaiju is driven away. This also scores +1 point. (If two battling Kaiju look about the same height, the one closer to you is driven away.)

Once a Kaiju is driven away it takes no further part in the game: you cannot use it to defeat another in a Versus battle.

Keep track of any aggressive Kaiju you were unable to drive away. At the point at which you choose to stop playing, each surviving aggressive Kaiju scores you -2 Points.

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