January competition

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In January 2009, we're giving away a copy of Will Hindmarch and Jeff Tidball's Things We Think About Games (a book of game design axioms and inspirations) to the best pervasive game that gets submitted to Ludocity during the month.

It can be a new game or an old one, from a novice designer or an old hand - the only restriction is that it can't have already been run at Hide and Seek, Come Out and Play, Igfest, Iglab or the Sandpit, and that you must be willing to release it into the creative commons, for all the world to play. The games will be judged by the Ludocity administrators on the 31st of January, and we'll send a copy of the book to the inventor or inventors of the game that we'd most like to see played.

For details on writing up a game, our help pages should tell you everything you need to know. If you want to submit a game by email and have us format it for Ludocity, just send it in to submission@ludocity.org


The competition winner was Scotland Yard, which introduced a new, old-school technology to Ludocity, and gave a dramatic way to experience and exploit a large, familiar environment. We look forward to playing or running the game at some point.