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Designer: Marc Vousden
Year: unknown
Players: 15 upwards
Stuff required: Alignment cards / printouts,
Crew required: One.
Preparation: Ten minutes.
Time required: 30 minutes per round
Place required: Social Gathering for ambient play
Activities: Deduction, bluffing, secrecy
This is an untested game. Its rules are written, but it hasn't been tested out yet.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)

A game of secretive ambient play and public spectacle. Rebels try to identify each other amongst the crowds whilst avoiding detection by Royalists. A group of rebels can duel the King and his protectors, the victor taking the throne in a grand coronation.

Play cycle


Use whatever noisy means you can muster (trumpet / vuvuzela / shouting) to inform the surrounding crowd that a new King is to be crowned. The King/Queen (pick someone for the first round) receives his symbols of power (crown / cape) and the huddled masses shown the official greeting of the Kingdom - performing it to the King en masse.

As their first action the new King/Queen will make his proclamations, banning one word and one action. These are documented and shown publicly by the sign-up location.

Players are then invited to become a subject, going to the sign up station.

Sign up

Players are given a hand stamp to identify them as players and handed documentation that secretly casts them as either a rebel or royalist.

Life in the Kingdom

The ambient stage of the game. Players mingle throughout the gathering, searching out fellow players by introducing themselves using the Royal Greeting.

Rebels - Identify themselves to each other by speaking the forbidden word or performing the hidden action during conversation. A group of rebels can approach the King/Queen and performed banned words and actions to challenge their rule.

Royalists - Try to find rebels by convincing other players to perform either of the hidden actions or overhearing from another conversation. Should a rebel unveil himself to a royalist he can bring the rebel to the sign up station to be marked as a traitor. Marked traitors cannot take part in a rebellion till a new king is declared.

Should a rebellion not be mounted within 30 minutes, royalists can put themselves up for leader with the crowd deciding on the winner. (alternatively the royalist who identified the most traitors could become leader).

Challenge of Rule

Once a rebellion has been mounted a duel will take place. The king may call up to 3 royalists to defend him. The rebels will duel royalists in a rock-paper-scissors fashion with foam swords -


Last man standing, a win allows you to take on the next challenger. Should all of the Royalists fall the King will defend his honour himself.

If the rebels win the crowd will pick their ruler from them. If the royalists win the crowd will pick their ruler from them.

Next Coronation

The crown is passed, new banned actions are decreed and play begins again.