El Prado Gardening Guerrilla

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El Prado Gardening Guerrilla
El Prado Gardening Guerrilla.jpg
Designer: Michael Straeubig
Year: unknown
Players: Massively Multiplayer
Stuff required: Plant seedlings. A game server. Smartphones.
Crew required: Some.
Preparation: Approx. 3 days.
Time required: From 1 day to permanently.
Place required: Urban area with gardenable places.
Activities: Hiding, sneaking, spying, short-term, mid-term, long-term
This is an unfinished game. It is still in the design stage, and is not playable.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)

El Prado Gardening Guerrilla is the third game in a series of Guerrilla Gardening games that are played with seeds or little plants. Building up on the gameplay of Gardening Guerrilla and Speed Gardening Guerrilla, a digital layer is added to the game, transforming it, strictly speaking, into a MMMOPPG (Massively Multiplayer Mobile Online Pervasive Planting Game).

The digital part is prototyped during the workshop Solid Interfaces and Urban Games: Digital Games in the Public Space at Medialab Prado taking place July 1-8, 2013 in Madrid. Progress will be documented here and we will update this page during the workshop. The software created will be published as Open Source.

Note: El Prado also means "meadow" in Spanish.

Evolution of the Gardening Guerrila Games

Since the original Gardening_Guerrilla, the games have evolved quite a bit. This chart gives an overview:

Evolution of GGG.png