Command Post

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Command Post
Designer: Edward B.
Year: unknown
Players: 10+
Stuff required: A coloured marker for everyone plus 20 sets of flags (1 flag in every team colour)
Crew required: 1+
Preparation: 30 minutes for flag making, 30 minutes for laying out Command Posts
Time required: 1/2 hour - hour, plus 5-10 minutes for scoring.
Place required: A large indoor and/or outdoor area with plenty of places to hide things
Activities: running, sneaking, hiding, fighting, warring, team
This is an untested game. Its rules are written, but it hasn't been tested out yet.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)

A game in which people run around trying to capture 'Command Posts'. Loosely based off the video game 'Star Wars Battlefront'.


The game area should be fairly big, depending of the number of people playing, and should consist of a large area, preferably indoor and outdoor, ideally with different floors and plenty of interconnecting walkways and rooms. The outdoor bit would be more to run round the building and enter through a different entrance. Set up the flags in various places. Have the white flag showing at first, and the other colours rolled up near it out of view. The sets of flags are the 'Command Posts'. The flags should be fairly hard to find/see, but still visible. Ideas include:

  • In a small room
  • Round a corner
  • Behind stairs

The flag sets should consist of a white flag and a flag in each team colour, i.e. red, blue, green, and should be about 1 sq. ft. A4 sheets of card/paper could also be used, but flags are cooler. One suggestion by Kevan is to use chalk graffiti, but the area would have to be appropriate for that. Ideally the crew member(s) should have a map of where the flags are, in case they miss any out during scoring.

The Game

Divide players into 2+ teams, and give each player a ribbon/football bib/hat in their team's colour. Explain the rules (if necessary) and set them outside the building at opposite ends. Blow a whistle/blow an airhorn/let off a signal flare to start the game.

The teams (preferably not as a whole team) must run around, finding the various Command Posts. When they find a Command Post, they run up to it and swap the the flag (either white or an enemy team's colour) to their colour. The other flag must be put behind the visible flag. No destroying of enemy flags. If an enemy member(s) is standing by one of their Command Posts, the attacking group must be bigger by at least 2 team members than the defending group, and, if they are, the defending team walks off and the attacking team takes over the Command Post, as per usual.

The twist is that about 2-5 crew members are going round converting the coloured flags into white flags, thus changing the Command Posts back to the neutral team. The 'neutralisers', as they are called, should come in about halfway through the game when most of the flags have been found. Neutralisers can also break up groups if they feel they are becoming too large or if constant war is being waged on a certain command post. Neutralisers could be participants as opposed to crew members, but it might make the neutralisers too competitive.


At the end of the game, Command Posts are counted up and the team with the most wins.