Zombie Hunters

Zombie Hunters

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Zombie Hunters
Designer: Ben Walker
Players: Starting with 2 minimum
Stuff required: A large number of cards (will be available on here soon)
Crew required: One.
Preparation: Ten minutes.
Time required: 30 mins upwards. Decided by host.
Place required: Any public area. Indoors areas with like-minded people are better than general streets
Activities: Teamwork, Running , Hiding, Finding
This is an untested game. Its rules are written, but it hasn't been tested out yet.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)


This game is currently more of an experiment than a game. There are two teams, Zombies and Hunters, Zombies use bite cards to spread the virus and turn more people into zombies, Hunters can attempt to recruit other people to their cause but should eliminate zombies when possible. The winning team is the team with the larger number of players after a set period of time.


One player will play as 'Patient Zero', another will start as 'The Legendary Hunter'. Patient Zero has unlimited bites, and The Legendary Hunter can recruit an unlimited amount of hunters. (give each of them a large number of cards to start them off, then allow them to come back for more.) Patient Zero cannot be killed and the Legendary Hunter cannot be zombified making them a key provider of players to each team.


This game should have a small player base to start but should eventually grow. When Patient Zero bites a player, they give them 5 bite cards (one to represent that the player is now a zombie, the other 4 to spread). When a zombie bites another player they give them 2 cards (meaning that after one player is zombified they can zombify 2 others before the chain ends, this may need reviewing). Hunters only have one card, to show that they are a hunter. The Legendary Hunter gives each recruit 3 cards (1 for themselves plus 2 additional recruits). Each hunter may then go and recruit two more with their spares.

For a hunter to kill a zombie, they must find them first. If they approach a zombie and show that they are a hunter, the zombie is dead and loses any bite cards they had. A dead player can come back later if another player bites them or recruits them.

If however, a zombie approaches the hunter and gives them a bite card first, the hunter is zombified and loses any hunter cards they still had.

After a set period of time (put a specific time and place on the cards so everyone who is involved knows where they need to go at the end) everyone returns to a place chosen by the host and the number of zombies and hunters are counted up. The winning side is the team with the most members.

Variants in Testing

I am currently testing a system using bullet cards for the hunters. It should alleviate the situation caused by using first tag to decide the victor. I am still testing the idea of using first tag as well because of the challenge of finding a player first.