Urban Magic Duel

Urban Magic Duel

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Urban Magic Duel
Designer: Ben Walker
Players: 10 - 30
Stuff required: A deck of special cards (see cards), possibly something to identify who is playing (if playing in a large public area).
Crew required: One.
Preparation: 5 minutes if you have the cards ready.
Time required: Chosen by the host. 20 - 30 minutes should be a reasonable amount.
Place required: See choosing a location
Activities: Strategy, chasing, hiding
This is an unfinished game. It is still in the design stage, and is not playable.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)


This game is based off Hand to Hand but instead of using stone, paper, scissors to determine the victor. The winner is determined based on your location and the card you play.


To play the game, you will need a set of cards. Each card will represent a spell the player has and can use in the game. Each 'spell' comes from a different 'school' of magic that is dependent on your location (water magic will be stronger if near a source of water, nature magic is stronger in parks and grassy areas etc).

They must have:

A base value which will be modified by a 'Spot' target. For instance, Summon Tree-men can be base 3 + 3 per tree you can spot.

They also get a bonus if the card is playing an opposing element e.g. Fire beats Nature giving Fire cards a + 2 bonus.

You can also give each card an ability which activates with a win e.g. Freeze keeps the loser in place for 1 minute.

Make sure that the cards made for this session are relative to the play area that you will play in (do not put nature cards in if no one can get to a park or something similar to use them properly).


You will want a place with a varied range of buildings and areas, don't allow the size of the play area to be too large otherwise you will have to wait a long time for players to get back to check the scores at the end.


Give each player a 'hand' of 7 cards. You should give each player a decent range of spells from the different schools you have created. Also explain to the players where the play area is (give them a map if this helps) and allow them to run off to different points.


To start a duel, a player simply needs to approach another player in the game. They then each choose a card from their hand and show them at the same time. Each card has a value on it (that can be edited with their modifiers).

Whoever has the highest score wins.

The player who lost loses the card they played, giving it to the player who won.

When the time limit (chosen by the host) has finished, all players return to the starting point to see who has won.

The overall winner is the player with the most cards.