The Brews and the Bees

The Brews and the Bees

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The Brews and the Bees
Designer: David Fono (with
Players: 2 + ?
Stuff required: Shot glasses, beer, small tokeny things, a die.
Crew required: None.
Preparation: None.
Time required: Unknown.
Place required: A place with shotglasses, beer, and people.
Activities: Strategy, drinking, bluffing, deducting
This is an unfinished game. It is still in the design stage, and is not playable.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)

A strategic drinking game for 2 players and a number of boozing spectators.

Designed for Game Prototype Challenge! The rules below are currently undergoing refinement.


There are 2 main players, called the florists. In addition, at any time, there should be 2-6 (?) bees. Bees can come and go at any time.


Get 2 pitchers of beer with distinguishable colours (e.g. a porter and a lager.) Assign 1 to each florist.

Place 6 shotglasses in random positions on a table. The florist take turns filling the glasses with their beer, one at a time.

Give 10 pollen tokens to each florist.

Give 3 tokens to each bee.

Place 2 tokens on the table, each somewhere directly between a pair of glasses. These are the hop tokens.

Place a pint glass off to the side. This is the bee shield.


The florists' objective is to get rid of all their pollen.

The bees' objective is to drink some delicious beer.

Structure of Play

The game proceeds in turns, alternating between florists & bees; starting with florist 1, then the bees (as a group), then florist 2, then the bees again, then florist 1 again, etc.

Florist Rules

On a florist's turn, they must place 1 pollen next to a shot glass with their beer (if possible.) Then they roll a die.

  • On a 1-3, they may reposition that number of pollen between their glasses.
  • On a 4, they may reposition a hop token.
  • On a 5, they may reposition the bee shield over a shot glass of their choice.
  • On a 6, it's a Pollination Frenzy! Every bee drinks one glass, and the florists split the remaining glasses.

A maximum of 3 pollen tokens may be placed next to every glass.

The game ends when one of the florists has no remaining pollen in their collection, or beside one of their glasses on the table.

Bee Rules

All the bees act at once on their turn. Each bee should secretly choose a glass they would like to drink. Then, from their token collection, they place the number of tokens in their hand that matches the number next to the glass. Then, all bees put their hands forward, and simultaneously reveal the number of tokens.

If a bee is the only one who selected a given number, they drink their chosen glass. If that glass is in a straight line with a hop token and another glass, they may also drink that glass, and so on.

For each glass that gets drunk, the pollen around it is removed from the game. The florist who owned that places it wherever they'd like, and refills it.

A glass with the bee shield on it may not be drunk from (and breaks hop combos.)