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Spy vs Spy vs Spy

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Spy vs Spy vs Spy
Designer: Ben Walker
Players: Somewhere between 6-12 players (needs testing)
Stuff required: Cameras (Optional,Phone cameras will do) nametags, cards.
Crew required: One
Preparation: Ten minutes.
Time required: Ten to fifteen minutes, can be longer.
Place required: A room to act as 'base' as well as other places for the team to move to.
Activities: Finding, teamwork, strategy.
This is an untested game. Its rules are written, but it hasn't been tested out yet.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)


You are a group of not very good secret agents that have been sent on a routine recon mission by your agency. Unfortunately, the agency doesn’t want many of you to come back.

Win Condition

For a player to win, they need to complete the group task as well as their own secret task within the time limit.


Each player needs the following:

• A ‘kill’ card for each secret task they have (see the variants for multiple secret tasks).

• A sheet giving a list of places/objects the team have to take photos of.

• A secret task card telling each player which members of the team they have to eliminate.

• A name-tag with their codename on it. This will make it easier for players to work out who their targets are.


To complete the group task, the team must take photos of specific areas/objects/etc. Avoid chosing people as the targets unless you have some friends that are happy to be actors for this part. Instead of taking photos, the tasks can be a large code that can only be solved by going to certain places and solving puzzles or looking for certain objects/numbers/etc that the host put up earlier (if you are doing this, make sure that they cannot be torn down or damaged by the weather, and make sure you have permission to do so at certain places.)

Set a time limit for the game, something around 10-15 mins should be enough but it depends on how long it will take to make it to the targets and take photos of them as well as returning back to the base.

At any time a player may use their kill card to eliminate a target, to do so, they need to give their kill card to the target player. That player then returns to base and is eliminated from the game (they must give the killer their nametag as a trophy).

You cannot kill off just anyone, it must be someone on your secret task list or a traitor (See Traitor! and varients for different rules).

If a player makes it back to base before the end of the time limit with all the photos and have completed their secret task (Have that players name-tag) they win. More than one player can win.

Alliances can be made at any time but no one is obliged to stick to it. Anything goes except that the players are not allowed to reveal who they have as their target.


As no one knows about the other members secret tasks, it is easy to believe that killing off someone in the team may be considered a treacherous act. As such any body who eliminates a player may be called a traitor. Any player may kill a traitor and will not be considered a traitor if they do (allowing an easy shot for a player who has the traitor as their secret task).


• Usually, this game should be played with around 6-12 players. If there are more, split them into two groups and make it a race. To win, they have to be the first team to make it back and have completed their secret task.

• If you want to keep everyone on their toes, give each player multiple tasks and tell them they have to complete a set number of them. They need a kill card for each secret target they have, make sure when sorting the cards that a set number of goals can be done despite other player’s influence. You could even give them life tokens instead of nametags and make the secret task "Eliminate 1 other player before the end of the mission" to really ramp up the tension.