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This is a calendar of upcoming pervasive games around the world - both individual games, and larger, organised events. If you're planning to run a game or an event in your area, in whatever context, let us know on the forum or ping @ludocity on Twitter.

This calendar is also available as an RSS feed and an iCal calendar (which you can subscribe to in Google Calendar).

October 2014

Friday 24th

  • Come Out & Play San Francisco 2014 - Fulton St, San Francisco, CA, USA
The Come Out & Play Festival is back! Celebrating a fifth year of bringing play to the Bay, Come Out & Play SF will continue its tradition of bringing new and innovative real-world games to San Francisco this Fall.

This year’s festival will take place on October 24-25, 2014 on Fulton Street between Hyde and Larkin in Civic Center San Francisco. On Friday from 5-9 PM, Night Games will light up downtown San Francisco. On Saturday from 12-5 PM, games will take over the city.

Saturday 25th

  • The Mole - London, UK
A one-day public game in London based on the Dutch and internationally syndicated TV game show Wie Is De Mol, or Who Is The Mole. A group of ten contestants attempt challenges while getting picked off one by one. The players both cooperate (in order to secure money for the pot) and compete (in order to survive each round). A hidden traitor in the group, the Mole, attempts to disrupt the contestant's plans. The person who identifies least about the Mole in a test each round is eliminated. Suspicion, treachery and paranoia among the players is the outcome.

Festivals and recurring events