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This is a calendar of upcoming pervasive games around the world - both individual games, and larger, organised events. If you're planning to run a game in your area, in whatever context, let us know on the forum and we'll add it to the calendar.

This list is currently maintained off-site by Nikki Pugh, Ben Henley and Kevan Davis, from whatever sources we hear about things, and updated here automatically. It's also available as an RSS feed and an iCal calendar (which you can subscribe to in Google Calendar).

May 2014

Friday 30th

  • w00t: Copenhagen Play Festival - Copenhagen, Denmark
The festival centre, the Playground, is placed in the picturesque park, Axel Møller Have, and is the platform for the festival’s big and complex urban and location based games. Including a so-called neighbour games that invites the audience to visit the local residents universe, the site specific games, experimental sport games and, not least, a number of brand new board games.

In Frederiksberg Swimming Pool w00t presents untraditional water games, finishing with a cocktail party on the pool’s roof terrace (of course).

In the culture house Metronome, The Game Talks – w00t’s debate program – bring together some of the foremost academics and thinkers from around the world.

Festivals and recurring events