Fish Duel

Fish Duel

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Fish Duel
Designer: Ben Walker
Players: As many as you like, possibly cap at around 50 - 100.
Stuff required: A set of cards (Will add these eventually), Banadanas or other identifying objects to show who is playing.
Crew required: One.
Preparation: Five Minutes
Time required: Fifteen minutes max per round.
Place required: Anywhere
Activities: Mental arithmetic, Fighting, Running,
This is an untested game. Its rules are written, but it hasn't been tested out yet.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)

50 years ago, a secret fight club was created by a group of wealthy fishmongers. The fights could take place anywhere and involved the combatants hitting each other with fish until one was knocked out. The club still exists to this day, and the fights have become more public...


There is two different versions of this game: A PUBLIC version (Can be played anywhere) and a CLUB version (Played in an isolated area with the majority of people there being players)

The PUBLIC version requires players to eliminate each other by dueling using the fish they have been given (see the cards section for a better explaination) If a player loses, they are out of this round and must return to the starting point until the end of the round.

The CLUB version adds an additional character role - The Police. When a player is eliminated, they become a Police Officer for the rest of the round. If they spot two people dueling, they can arrest them. If this happens, both players are eliminated.


As with most of my designs, this game involves cards. In this case there are two kinds - Fish and Helmets. The Fish cards show the weight of the Fish, the Helmets show how much damage they can sustain.

In a duel, the players show their helmet and fish cards to each other. The player with the lighter fish goes first. That player attacks with their fish (The weight of the fish is taken from the opponents helmet value). The oppenent then responds by doing the same. This continues until someone hits a player who's helmet value HAS BEEN DROPPED TO ZERO. It does not count if the attack lowers it to zero, it must be zero before the attack.

Helmets go back to their original value after a duel. Whoever wins the fight may replace their opponents fish with their own (If they think that their opponents fish would work better). You cannot exchange helmets.

The host of the game will give each player one Fish card and one Helmet card at the start of the game (The host should use this opportunity to 'rig' the cards by giving them some balance so the game doesn't start unbalanced.)

Game End

The winner is the last player standing, give some sign from the starting point to say that there is only one player left (a flag, text them, anything you think is needed to show that the round is over) or allow time to just end and allow all the players to return to the start point.

If you are playing again, whoever won the last game should be given a weaker starting helmet and fish to allow everyone a chance to get their revenge.

If you havn't guessed already this game is inspired by the Monty Python's Flying Circus Fish Dance sketch.