Camera Spin

Camera Spin

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Camera Spin
Designer: davegreen
Players: 4-10
Stuff required: video camera, lazy suzanne
Crew required: one
Preparation: ten minutes
Time required: 20 mins - an hour
Place required: somewhere with a table
Activities: staring, photography
This is a tested game. It's been tested in real life, but needs a bit more polishing before it's fully playable.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)

Camera Spin is a variation on the traditional staring contest (see also Camera Stare) Psychological breaking points are tested as players attempt to out-stare the eye of the camera.


You will need to attach the video camera to some sort of rotating device. A good thing to use is a 'Lazy Suzanne' (the piece of rotating tableware found in chinese restaurants) Using a screw matching the cameras tripod attachment you can make a fairly secure connection.

The Game

The players sit in a circle around a video camera, which is attached to the rotating device. One player starts by spinning the camera, whoever it lands on has to stare into the lens of the camera for as long as possible without laughing. The other players must attempt to make them laugh. When they do so their go is over and the cycle begins again.

After the game is over players can watch back the footage in a communal setting.

The video below is from a previous playing of the game. It is a small section from a longer film which may explain the strange headgear.

Camera Games no.1 (excerpt).