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Designer: Nick Howard
Players: 10+
Stuff required: As many hats as there will be players.

As many emblems, such as a ribbon or badge, for 90% of the players - the hats should be marked in a way that is noticeable but that can be easily removed. Felt tip pens for 90% of the players. Individual stamps could also be used, depending on budget.

Crew required: 1+ to explain the rules, distribute items and pat people on the back at the end.
Preparation: Ten minutes.
Time required: 10 minutes to explain rules and distribute items. 5 minutes to stagger player dispersal. 30 minutes+ to play game
Place required: Park or town centre – location should be limited enough to make hiding difficult.
Activities: Running, chasing.
This is an untested game. Its rules are written, but it hasn't been tested out yet.
This game is made available under an Attribution-Noncommercial Creative Commons licence. (What does this mean?)

A chasing game of tagging and tags.


Each player should be equipped with a hat, to which is attached an emblem of some sort (for example, a ribbon or badge). A small percentage (approximately 10%) do not have emblems – these are the 'collectors'.

The emblemed players, the 'autographers', are also equipped with felt tip pens.

It's possible that a player might decide to try autographing themselves for a sneaky advantage. It's recommended that a number of different colours of pen are given out – it doesn't eradicate the problem, but it makes it more unlikely. For similar reasons, felt tips rather than ball point pens are advised.

It's also recommended that players are not allowed to tag 5 minutes (depending on size of play area) before the game ends, to prevent any sort of 'camping'. For similar reasons, a rule preventing tagging at the beginning could be worth enforcing. The organiser should release the collectors and other players at an interval from each other – which goes first offers different strategic opportunities, and though it can be pre-decided, it might also be worth tossing a coin for or similar.

Instructions for Collectors

It is the job of the collectors to locate and tag (by touching a shoulder or similar) the players with emblems on their hats. The collector then receives the emblem of the tagged player, who in turn becomes one of the collectors.

Instructions for Autographers

The emblemed players must avoid the collectors, whilst seeking each other out. When two emblemed players meet they can also 'tag' each other, but this time by signing each other's skin (or clothing if it has been provided for the game) – hence the name, Autograph.

When the time limit has been reached, all of the players assemble at a predetermined point. The players with the most emblems or autographs are the winners.

Play Variation

To prolong play, or to prevent mass autographing at the beginning, the felt tip pens can be left with one or more organisers in a second location. This means that the emblemed players are forced to move before they can begin tagging. Multiple felt tip pen locations – or organisers who will only give the pens to solitary players – can also discourage 'clumping'.