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Holly said:

What are the games that we're interested in called? Big games, pervasive games, street games? It's been suggested that we include sports in the title (something like "new games and sports"), which is I think a good idea.

What sort of games should Ludocity include? "Anything that might run at H&S/COaP"? Should it include pick-up-and-play games like we have at the Sandpit? What about board games? Should we draw a line, and if so where?

AlexFleetwood said:

Social Games and Urban Adventures New Games and Sports Aargh, you know how hung up I get on this question

I say, yes to sports, yes to social games, yes to creative games, no to board games. I think that "Anything that might run at Hide and Seek / COAP is a sensible marker to start with - it gives lots of guidance and context to the sort of things we want to do

Holly said:

Apart from games, what other content do we need? I like the idea of having some how-tos, and of a bit of encyclopedic content in the relevant area (a page for each recurring event, a page for each designer, etc).

AlexFleetwood said:

we need a record of who has run what game where - what their suggested mods / rulechanges were - their feedback for the designer. We need a method of hosting video and photos tagged to specific games. We need a records / scores facility - If the lost sport were on here it would be great to see a records table.

Kevan said:

Translating the rulesets into other languages is something we'd like to encourage here - Thoughtcrime (Français) might be a good format for that, and if there's enough of a translation community emerging, we'll look into organising some actual subdomains. said:

Jonny was here

Guest 495 said:

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