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Kevan said:

Tested this in South Kensington with Holly, today - it seemed to work okay, and was quite a good teach-yourself lesson in how to tail and how not to be tailed.

The Quarry player won both times, suggesting that the game might be slightly easier for them. Each time, the Quarry evaded the Tail, and made it safely out of the building. The Tail was then reduced to patrolling likely paths outside, and ultimately choosing a random endzone entrance to guard - a bit frustrating, but there was still the anticipation of maybe surprising the Quarry.

Best dramatic moment: double-bluffing and picking the most obvious entrance into the Natural History Museum, after circling around the streets a bit, and sticking with the decision despite there being quite a queue of school-holiday tourists. I was queueing slowly for three or four agonising minutes, keeping a careful eye on the gates, trying to look attached to an existing party, and ducking to tie a slow shoelace when I thought I saw the tail.

Being the Tail is lower-adrenaline and perhaps a bit duller than being the Quarry, but if you play two quick games and swap over (maybe playing the second game back to the original starting point), it seems like a fair balance.