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Old forum comments

(The Ludocity website previously had integrated forums, but they fell into spam-covered decline and were shut down in 2015. The comments in this section have been automatically converted from that forum.)

Very nice design, here, particularly using the different clubs as score multipliers. Sounds like a great way to get the spectacle of golf into a complex urban environment without hitting any passers-by on the head. I trust you'll be encouraging the wearing of flat caps and bad jumpers.

Is the hole entirely imaginary, or will you be guiding the players towards a hard-to-spot disc of black paper hidden in the scenery somewhere? I suppose tactically the player would prefer to treat the hole as imaginary anyway - if you happen to hit it dead on on your first go, you wouldn't want to give away the location by just leaving your ball there, you'd want to hit the ball in a misleading direction, while still staying closer to the hole than the other players.

Might be fun to throw in a couple of invisible bunkers, defined by the geography of the space. The runner calls out when a ball lands in one, and that golfer has to use a wedge for their next shot.  --Kevan (talk), Apr 1st 2010

Ah bunkers ! Spiffing I say. Seems like it would work perfectly so I'll add it in.
I don't think there's any need for a physical hole. Even if a team scores a hole in one they will have no idea. They will only know that they are ranked first ! Perhaps over the course of the round they will come to realise that the original spot scored the highest rank and so return there for the final shot but who knows !
Yes to flat caps, slacks and horrible jumpers ... at least for the game runner --simonkatan (talk), Apr 6th 2010

Great to play this at the Weekender, and a bit surprising how much it felt like a gambling game - having to rapidly judge the radius of other teams, then place a well-judged bet on which site of an equidistant line the hole might fall on.

I still haven't quite got my head around the level of strategy - the first round felt spot on, from my team's perspective, but the latter two felt a bit too random, with players clustering around a consensus at the end with (it felt) one team being closest by chance. But maybe my team were sacrificing too much information by bluffing and ending up fifth for our second shot. I might have to experiment with pen and paper to see how much deep strategy there is in this...  --Kevan (talk), Jul 14th 2010

Yes actually the betting worked better on this run due to managing to get three rounds of play. Simon Johnson suggested transferring all the data handling to an iphone app which would speed up all the boring bits + allow for greater par holes and more of them ... so more time for strategy/ bluffing.
There's a cost to bluffing which is that you get less information about where the hole is as its almost certain that you're team is last.
I'm also considering including of revising the clubs to include a 0pt club which would multiply your score by zero and be the equivalent of folding. --simonkatan (talk), Jul 14th 2010